Announcement to Cashew Exporters

It has come to the notice of the Tree Crops Development Authority (TCDA) that some persons or companies are exporting Raw Cashew Nut (RCN) from Ghana without registration and license from the Authority. This constitutes a violation of Section 27 of the TCDA Act, 2019 (Act 1010) and Regulation 51 of the Tree Crops Regulations, 2023 (L.I. 2471). These persons or companies are therefore committing an offence and are liable on summary conviction as stated in regulation 63. These perpetrators are advised to stop this illegal act with immediate effect and get their businesses registered and licensed to avoid being prosecuted by the law.

2. It is also observed that many foreign exporters are actively engaged in the aggregation and trading
of RCN at the farm gates and Districts. In accordance with regulation 29 (2) of the Tree Crops Regulations, 2023 (L.I. 2471), only Ghanaian citizens are licensed to aggregate and trade RCN at the farm gates and Districts. All FOREIGN EXPORTERS are advised to stop the aggregation and trading
of RCN and vacate the fields to their export warehouses by the close of 15th March 2024.

3. Again, Exporters are advised to pay the TCDA Development Levy of GHS 44.86 per ton of RCN at (a) TCDA Counter at GPHA Revenue Centre, near FDA Height, Tema Port (Digital Address: GT-058-4799), contacts- 0247832626 / 0552408420; or (b) TCDA Zonal Office at Wenchi, Bono Region, within the District Agric. Office (Digital Address: BW-0012-0982), contacts-0542606623 / 0248222475, or through the following banks: ADB, A/C no. 010101015239330, PRUDENTIAL BANK, A/C no.0091901660013, or through TCDA MTN MOMO no. 0598618295.



A highly developed, diversified, value-added, globally competitive and sustainable tree crop sector in Ghana.


To facilitate the development and well-being, through research, capacity building and excellent services, of the selected tree crop industries with a view to achieving long-term commercial productivity and sustainability, while providing a higher contribution to the national economy of Ghana.


To regulate and create a conducive environment for the growth and development of tree and industrial crops in Ghana with consequential benefits to the economy of the country.

Who We Are

The Tree Crops Development Authority(TCDA) is a body established by an Act of Parliament, the Tree Crops Development Authority Act 2019 (Act 1010,2019). TCDA is corporate with perpetual succession to regulate and develop in a sustainable environment; production, processing, and trading of six tree crops: Cashew, Shea, Mango, Coconut, rubber, and oil palm in Ghana.

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