Price of Fresh Fruit Bunches of oil palm and raw rubber cup-lumps as fixed and announced by TCDA for June 2024

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GH 1,173.69/ton

Given: CPOP/ton = $699.92; CPKOP/ton = $1,142.52;BoG FX Rate = $1.0000:GH₵13.6316 Reference date of parameters: 26th April 2024 to 25thMay 2024.

  2. Raw rubber cup-lumps 

 GH 8.2104

Given: Average SICOM TSR2O Price =$1.6533/kg; BoG FX Rate=$1.0000:GH₵ 13.6313

Reference date of parameters: 26th April 2024 to 25thMay 2024.


A highly developed, diversified, value-added, globally competitive and sustainable tree crop sector in Ghana.


To facilitate the development and well-being, through research, capacity building and excellent services, of the selected tree crop industries with a view to achieving long-term commercial productivity and sustainability, while providing a higher contribution to the national economy of Ghana.


To regulate and create a conducive environment for the growth and development of tree and industrial crops in Ghana with consequential benefits to the economy of the country.

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The Tree Crops Development Authority(TCDA) is a body established by an Act of Parliament, the Tree Crops Development Authority Act 2019 (Act 1010,2019). TCDA is corporate with perpetual succession to regulate and develop in a sustainable environment; production, processing, and trading of six tree crops: Cashew, Shea, Mango, Coconut, rubber, and oil palm in Ghana.

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